**Those Who Died Overseas**

* Stephen Bawolak, Jr. * Arthur R. Black * John D. Casey * Thomas E. Cook *

* Adrian J. Davis * Earl E. Turner * Robert P. Ullman *


At the War Department's meeting in the Fall of 1942 a 76th Tank Battalion was selected to be redesignated as the 727th Amphibian Tractor Battalion, with activation at that hour being scheduled for sometime in January 1944 at Fort Ord, California.

In November 1943, the matter was turned over for implementation to the War Department's Adjutant General R. S. Kissiner. On January 4, 1944, there was issued from that Adjutant General's Office and Order designated as AG-322- (1 Jan 44)-OB-I-ONGCT-M. with the title, "Reorganization, Redesignation,Constitution and Activation of Amphibious Tank and Tractor Battalions."

That Order directed Lt. General William H. Simpson, Commanding Officer of the U.S. 4th Army located at the Presidio of San Francisco, CA, to begin the activation of the 726th and 727th Amphibian Tractor Battalions, along with the redesignation of the 536th Armored Infantry Battalion into the 536th Amphibian Tractor Battalion; the 773rd Amphibian Tank Battalion into the 773rd Amphibian Tractor Battalion. The Order also called for the reorganization of the 534th Amphibian Tractor Battalion.

So on January 26th, 1944, at the wooden remains of an old Civilian Conservation Corps' Camp in the East Garrison of Fort Ord, CA, and under the direction authority of General Order No. 6 dated January 10th, 1944, Colonel William S. Triplet, Commanding Officer of the 18th Armored Forces Group, directed that the 727th Amphibian Tractor Battalion be activated ASAP. It was by that action that our battalion was finally brought into the world with Major Francis R. McLavy as its Commanding Officer.






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